Welcome to the Center for Cardiovascular Research

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are disorders affecting the heart and blood vessels that represent the leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Reducing the global burden of CVD requires a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating basic scientific research, engineering next generation devices, clinical interventions and population-level behavior change and education. As each of these disciplines has grown and evolved in recent decades, so has the challenge of integrating their advances into improvements in prevention and treatment.

Our mission: The CCVR mission is to create an environment promoting collaboration between basic scientists and physicians to enhance innovative cardiovascular translational research, expand opportunities for student training, and broaden community education and outreach in Northern Colorado.

Our strengths include:


  • Wide array of initiatives in cardiovascular research, spanning four colleges and ten academic programs
  • Preeminant veterinary school currently ranked third in the nation, and second in the country for federal research dollars
  • Undergraduate programs in natural sciences and engineering ranking in the top 75 of public univeristies, according to U.S. News and World Report

UC Health in northern Colorado:

  • Premier heart program in the region for volumes and outcomes
  • Multiple drug/device trials completed over the last 30 years
  • Extenstive community and childhood research and education programs

Read more: http://source.colostate.edu/CSU-UCH/

The CCVR promotes:

  • Excellence in research quality and improved translation.
  • Enhanced research funding.
  • Strengthened cardiovascular educational offerings.
  • Exceptional training of graduate students in collaboration and translational research.
  • Improved level of care in local and rural communities.
  • Development of a center of excellence for research and education in cardiovascular physiology and medicine.
  • Community/outreach research especially for community and childhood health issues.


Dr. Deborah Garrity

Professor and Director of the CCVR

Phone:             (970) 491-2513




Dr. Frank Dinenno

Associate Professor and Associate Director





Candice Hastings

Business Officer

Phone:             (970) 297-4251